Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Fake Friends

Awhile ago I made the decision to join Facebook, big mistake. Well, not so much a mistake as an annoyance. Every day I receive notifications to add this or do that, I really don't care about adding "fun wall" or having a "hot or not vote." The biggest contributor of my Facebook spam is Jill C M-M. (You know who you are) The other cats all seem really cool, I now have 122 friends world wide.
It has been a fun time but spring is on the way it's time to turn my attention from the computer and get outdoors. (I've been working on a plan) The handsome chap in the pic is Isaac McBitey one of my Facebook friends from Seattle. Party on Isaac!

1 comment:

h.Lo said...

Oh my, Mortimer, you are quite the pear shaped boy. =) Love this pic, though, Mortimer. It's always funny when a cat sits on its butt.

We have a little gal in our house with similar poses. Hee hee.