Saturday, May 31, 2008

Swedish modern cat toys

B&E went to Ikea today and purchased me a new play toy. I, like most cats, don't like the things purposely purchased for my enjoyment, but love the simple things like shoestrings and grocery bags. I didn't want to seem unappreciative so I sniffed and batted at the tube in the hopes that it would appease them, but no dice.

the object of my shunning

inappropriate black cat Ikea cat bed

What Where

I came across this comic in the Portland Mercury, and at first I chuckled but then thoughts of the vet overpowered my emotions and for the rest of the day all I could think about were rectal thermometers. Yikes!!!

comic strip by Slow Wave

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Oregon Humane Society

I have no idea what spurred my sudden obsession with the humane society, maybe once you do time you never really leave. This video is old news (thanks to Ernie) but I still find the ad campaign very cute. These adds are the work of Allan Sanders.

song:"'Hands in Pockets" by Laura Gibson

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Oregon Humane Society Art

On recent travels around Portland I came across this art installation. Local school children are responsible for these creations, It's amazing what sticky little hands can do. I admit that there where a few really good dog pictures, but due to the smell I excluded them from this post.

I Love DoveLewis

Tats for Cats

DoveLewis and The Portland Mercury
Ask Portlanders to Up Their Ink Factor!

Been thinking of getting a new tattoo?
How about a cool design incorporating your cute Chihuahua, precious pit bull, or sweet Siamese? Our fundraiser, “Tats for Cats….and Dogs,” starts May 1st. Tattoo artists all over town will donate 10% of the fees generated in May by animal-inspired tattoos to the DoveLewis Stray Animal and Wildlife Fund. 100% of that money goes to pay for emergency medical care for injured stray and wild animals brought to DoveLewis. And even if you don't want to get a tattoo, you can still join the fun -- scroll down for more info!
CLICK HERE for a list of participating tattoo artists!

Tattoo artists, CLICK HERE to get involved!

Show Off Your Tats!

CLICK HERE for photos of Tats for Cats animal inspired tattoos!
Artists and Ink fans: Send your Tats for Cats photos to us!

Tats for Cats
Upcoming Events & Special Offers in May

In addition to getting or giving an animal-inspired tattoo this May, you can help raise money for the Stray Animal and Wildlife Fund by frequenting any/all of the following local businesses that are supporting the cause!

Here are some of the cool ways to “stray” from the beaten path this May:

Our friends at TigerLily Tattoo and DesignWorks have stepped up with not one but TWO very cool specials:
On Tuesday, May 20 from 9:00AM to 9:00PM, TigerLily will offer $50 pet name tattoos, and all the money will go to the Stray Animal & Wildlife Fund.
Simple script only; if you prefer fancy, it'll cost just a little more. Sorry, no portraits on this day. This is a first come, first served thing, so no appointment necessary!
TigerLily owner Matt Reed will also donate half the cost of the first saber-toothed cat tattoo he starts in May. Put some teeth (literally!) in your fabulous feline's ferociousness, and help stray and wild animals!
Thank you, Chesterfield for the Tats for Cats Dance Party!
Dozens of Tats fans celebrated their animals and showed off their ink at a mid-month dj’d party Sunday, May 18 at THE CHESTERFIELD.
Even if you missed it, it's not to late to participate. All month long, head to THE CHESTERFIELD where $1 from every Tats for Cats cocktail (the tasty & refreshing "Miss Purr") will be donated to the Stray Animal and Wildlife Fund.

Wine away the hours on Tats for Cats Tuesdays at VINO VIXENS, which will donate $1 for every drink ordered over $6.

Pick up an extra box of treats, a squeakie dog toy, some fab canine fashion or a cat bed at LEXIDOG. Just say “Tats for Cats” and 10% of the value of your purchase will be donated to the Stray Animal and Wildlife Fund.

Not ready for a commitment, but still want to show off some body art?
Perhaps henna is in order! Our friends at Silk & Stone Henna Body Art will give you the look you're after, no needles necessary, and it fades away in three to four weeks! Please note: the address for Silk & Stone is incorrect on their website. Check out list of participating artists for the correct address.

Rock it all out at an end-of-the-month benefit concert on Saturday, May 31 at 8 PM
at DANTE’S. Come hear the SKINNYZ, PHONOCHROME, and BRAD MAC. 100% of $10 cover price goes to the DoveLewis Stray Animal and Wildlife Fund. Tickets available at Tickets West.

To get involved in the promotion, please contact Naomi Pollock in Partner Development at 971.255.5917 or

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Houseplant Quarterly Review

It's time for my houseplant review. I have to be honest, the pickings are slim and the photos are of poor quality, but the blog must go on.

This is the asparagus fern in the bathroom, it was a gift from my dear friend Sidney. As you can see it is quite unattainable.

Next are the three cacti located by my favorite window. Who the hell buys a cat cacti?! They look so inviting, but they're covered in spines, and even worse, the rare tasty blossoms have been covered in cayenne pepper. Who would do such a thing?!

1.) my kibble bowl 2.) my window seat 3.) my fridge perch
Notice the cacti right in the middle of my path.

Cayenne Pepper!? What's up with that!? That blossom is the tastiest little morsel in the house.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

State Song

As you all probably know Burt is an Idahoan, so when I came across this video I just had to post it. I know its nothing cat related (due to the B-52's not singing about Willamina OR) but stay tuned for my next post it'll be my yearly house plant review.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

New Kitten

Our friends in east Portland have just received a new bundle of joy!


Old news


So adorable!

I love babes just as long as B&E don't get one, I will always be the baby. Always!!!!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

One Up

Bert has told me all about the midwest birds and how fancy they are. He told me all about things like Orioles, Cardinals, Rose Breasted Grosbeaks, and Tufted Titmice. I was feeling a bit jealous until today when a Western Tanenger was spotted. That's right, bird fanciness on this side of the Mississippi. Take that Heartland birds! You think just because you have Jesus and your fancy plumage that you're better than us, but you're wrong.

Purr Purr

They're back! They smell funny, like exhaust fumes and beer, but Bert & Ernie are back tonight.
We've played mouse, we've played shoestring, and now its time for them to sleep. Watch out guys, I'm all cute and cuddly now, but just wait until this excitement wears off. I remember that you left me alone with "socks with sandals" for ten days! Just when you least expect it, pink ones, watch out!

Friday, May 9, 2008

The Shunning

Tomorrow is the big day! B&E will be home and I need to think of some creative ways to punish them for leaving me . I sorta have a pee/ignore thing planed but I'm open for suggestions. I'll be extremely happy to have them home so my routine can get back to normal, but I also have to let them now they where in the wrong

Left behind!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Vacation Pictures

A few highlights from the mountain of pictures that Bert & Ernie have sent me since they've been in Indiana. Seems Hoosiers have a soft spot for feline art in all its forms, kitschy, artsy-fartsy, and gritty urban.

Broad Ripple, Indianapolis

Lockerbie Square, Indianapolis

Near West Side, Bloomington