Wednesday, April 30, 2008

bon voyage

Like most cats I don't travel long distances well, so B&E will be posting pictures on my blog so I can expirence the heartland. Hopefully they will take pictures that interest me and not just of architecture and trees. A side note to my cat sitter whom I have nicknamed socks with sandals, I have taken a mouse inventory. The count is: eighteen favorite mice (four not accounted for), two catnip mice, three rattly mice (one not accounted for), one woolly mouse, one spiky mouse, and 11 miscellaneous.

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Anonymous said...

socks with sandals has counted 13 favorite mice, 1 catnip mouse, 2 ratty mice, no woolly mouse and no miscellaneous findings. socks with sandals main cat (sama) is enjoying his new found treasures, especially that porcupine looking one from alameda.....thanks morti!