Monday, January 14, 2008

It's Hard to Say Goodbye

This weekend was the going away party for one of my feline friends Sydney. I regrettably had prior commitments and was not able to make it up to Seattle, but Bert and Ernie attended as my good will ambassadors. Sydney is giving up the grunge scene for the city of Indianapolis where the second coming is bound to happen any day. Bert did bring home some presents for me, I gained four new fur mice, one Kitty Hooch catnip mouse and unfortunately a puffy collar with little stars of David. I have the ominous feeling this collar is going on me though it would be better suited for a girl named Amber's scrunchy. The picture is Sydney busting a move to The Oodle Noodle.

1 comment:

h.Lo said...

Ha ha! Love that pic of Sydney. It looks like she wants to dance with you, Mortimer!