Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Houseplant Quarterly Review

It's time for my houseplant review. I have to be honest, the pickings are slim and the photos are of poor quality, but the blog must go on.

This is the asparagus fern in the bathroom, it was a gift from my dear friend Sidney. As you can see it is quite unattainable.

Next are the three cacti located by my favorite window. Who the hell buys a cat cacti?! They look so inviting, but they're covered in spines, and even worse, the rare tasty blossoms have been covered in cayenne pepper. Who would do such a thing?!

1.) my kibble bowl 2.) my window seat 3.) my fridge perch
Notice the cacti right in the middle of my path.

Cayenne Pepper!? What's up with that!? That blossom is the tastiest little morsel in the house.

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