Thursday, September 18, 2008

Paper Anniversary

Wow, I have been so busy napping that I totally forgot that the 15th was my anniversary with B&E. I cant believe how time has flown by. My memory was jogged by coming across my saved profile, I went by Moscow because I thought it sounded tough. Note that there is no mention of a very audible hart mummer, and can you spot the bad pun.


Domestic Short Hair-black

Size: Large
Age: Adult
Sex: Male


Moscow is almost 4 years old and a super sweet boy who gets along with dogs. Definitely the strong, silent type, he's affectionate and friendly. At 14 pounds, he's an armful, but he'd really like to be your armful. He's a peace-loving kitty who's hoping you'll soon be "Russian" in to get him.

FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY the "Better with a Buddy" program is back! Adopt one cat or kitten and get $50 off of the adoption price of a second cat or kitten!

--- --- ---

** Please note: All kittens must be altered before they can go home with their new family. There are no exceptions to this policy.

Kittens are generally altered between 10 and 11 weeks of age because we have a surgery minimum weight requirement of 2.25 lbs. If you are doing a pre-adopt (adopting a kitten before alter surgery) please inquire about the kitten's current weight. Kittens gain about 1/4 of a lb per week and you can estimate alter date from there. Remember this is just an estimate. Thank you for understanding that these policies are based on ensuring the best possible start for our kittens.

  • Pet has been declawed

This pet is up to date with routine shots.

This pet is already house trained.

This pet has been altered.

Cat Adoption Team

Sherwood, OR


Camie's Kitties said...

Congratulations on your gotcha day. It is very important to celebrate these things. We are glad you got gotcha'ed by two great people.

Tiki, Tavi, Cody, Camie and Miss Jade

akemijoy said...

B&E are sure lucky to have such a great armful.

BTW, I didn't know you were Russian! lol.

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

Congratulations on your Gotcha Day! That is such an important day.
We are so glad you have a loving forever home with B&E

The Meezers said...

Happy Gotcha Day Mortimer!!!! well happy LATE gotcha day!! we are so happy you picked a wonderful family!

ZOOLATRY said...

The Russians are coming, the Russians are coming...
and going, going, going to the new home! What a lucky gotcha day it was for you (and Mortimer is better 'n Moscow anyday).

TT said...

Concatulations on your gotcha day!

Samantha and Mr. Tigger said...

Happy Gotcha Day Mortimer and many, many, moooore!!! That is so neat that you got Gotcha'd by B&E!!
Your FL furiends,

Eric and Flynn said...

Happy Gotcha Day Mortimer

HotMBC said...

Happy Gotcha Day Mortimer! a'lated, but still. We's glad you gotcha'd grate peoples.
Sanjee and the resta the Hotties

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Happy Gotcha Day!

It's always nice to have a home.

THE ZOO said...

Happy Gotcha Day Mortimer.