Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Odd Man Out

I love tuna! I love the way it smells, tastes, even how it looks. Up until recently I was the only one in the household with the T-love, but now the tuna bug has bitten Burt. This makes me extremely pleased because I reap the rewards of the empty tuna can, I call it "L'il Mortimer's Slurry®*". The only one not benefiting from Burt's rekindled love for canned fish is Ernie, he hates tuna as much as I love the stuff. I would have thought by now he would have at least a little appreciation of tuna's splendor since he gives me my tuna bites twice a day, but after ten months he is still gags.

*L'il Mortimer's Slurry is a trademark of the L'il Mortimer Corporation, all rights reserved. If you wish to use the L'il Mortimer tradmark please contact the law firm of Purrs Paws & Whiskers, Salmon St., Suite 9, Portland OR.

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