Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Will Trade Merchandise for Medical Advice

That spot om my back leg hasn't gotten any worse (or better), I'm cleaning it regularly, but that's not good enough for Burt. He's started applying a tea tree ointment to my spot (thanks to 'socks with sandals'). I don't know if you've ever smelled tea tree, but its like a combination of turpentine and death. The crippling effect of the tea tree oil is not the worst that could happen, Burt has that look in his eye and I have a feeling a trip to the vet might be in my future, that could lead to the dreaded Elizabethan collar. If any readers have input on my condition, please feel free to comment.

Spot description: One inch by half an inch bald-ish oval, no redness, no swelling, and its not hot to the touch. It is smooth but can get a little scabby, possibly from over cleaning.

If someone has the correct answer and cures me before the vet trip, I will send you a L'il Mortimer coffee mug, bad advise will receive L'il Mortimer's Corset of Stinging Nettles®, filled with only the finest Urtica Dioica that Oregon has to offer*.

*Due to my feline nature, don't hold your breath for the fabulous prizes.


Whicky Wuudler said...

Hi Mortimer, tell your humans to please not use Tea Tree oil or any other essential oils on you as they can be fatally toxic to cats. They contain phenols which can cause multiple organ failure (same kinda things that are in creosote/tupentine which is also a dangerous poison to felines). I know my human uses it on herself, and it's very good for mending humans, but it's one that's definately not good for cats. I hope your v-e-t can sort out your itchy spot soon. xx

Mortimer D. Cats said...

Thanks WW I had no idea about the tea tree oil.

Anonymous said...

Hello M. I have a dog in my house that sounds like he has what you are describing with your spot. He has several though and they are hairless and he does itch them. After a trip to the vet and the girl human making him take pills and spraying stuff from the vet on it, his spots have not cleared up. The vet told her that it was an allergy, but she hasn't changed anything for any of us, so she's not sure now. Does the spot smell? The dog in my "cat friendly" house smelled really bad but after meds he doesn't stink. Don't know if this has helped you at all but you might want to tell your human to take treatment a step past treating an "allergy" if you have to go to "THAT PLACE."

Anonymous said...


Lest Ernie hath forgotten.

Mortimer D. Cats said...

Snookdog I don't understand your comment, if its about my spot it's healed with no medical intervention. If I have missed the mark let me know