Monday, June 16, 2008

Seeing Spots

Last Friday 6-13 Burt discovered a bald scabby spot on my hind leg and immediately called the vet. This "medical emergency" was just a little spot that I was keeping an eye on and possibly over-cleaning, but the spot was alarming enough for Burt to rush off to the vet and buy flea medication, which was then applied to back of my neck. This medication tastes horrible! Why not a Tuna flavored med? On the plus side the mystery spot did get me a new water bowl (I have no idea why they think a filtered water dish is going to help my leg) but it has a filter to keep my water pure, and the water flows down into the bowl just like a little waterfall. The new dish is placed right next to my litter box nook, with the white sand kitty liter and the trickling water, its like my own little Japanese Garden.
Now that I think about it, please come visit L'il Mortimer's Classic Japanese Garden®. General admission 20.00, students and senors 15.00. I'm off to go scratch around in my Zen Box.

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The Taylor CatSSSSS said...

Hi Mortimer! Thanks for letting me know about your blog!


Love, Auntie Deb